Fugitive in theft case had expensive comics

Blevins, who left the Harris County District attorney’s office in December, resigned from his subsequent career with the Bexar County D.A.’s office on Monday after learning of the costs, his lawyer, Dick DeGuerin told the Chronicle.

The FBI thinks Blevins borrowed the Chiofalo’s comic books from a storage device containing data from the fraud case, and he sold many of them to dealers in Chicago for $70,000, relating court papers obtained by local TV station KTRK.
In accordance with witnesses interviewed by the FBI, Blevins called for the cash in small check amounts, the report says.
Chiofalo’s way to the current has several turns. He was charged last May possibly for taking millions from Japan-based crane manufacturer Tadano America, by getting his company to cover millions to a phantom law office and then pocketing the amount of money. When Chiofalo’s wife, 51-year-old Susan Chiofalo was arrested, he left Texas.

Chiofalo was was on the lam until December, and by coincidence staying in Newtown, Conn. At that time of the horrific level school shootings. As police swarmed in to the community, he left and turned herself in at a police station in Rhode Island.

Now, under a wisdom Chiofalo is wanting to pay restitution to Tadano, according to his attorney, Paul Doyle.

Providence in Rhode Island: lawyer walks into police station

Providence in Rhode Island- criminal walks into police station
Doyle said that how much his client has the capacity to settle in the civil case might affect Chiofalo’s sentencing in the criminal case against him.
“We have been trying to cooperate and supply the organization with restitution, but haven’t been able to,” Doyle said.

Doyle says that the district did not follow stock and safety techniques for the seized assets, and there be seemingly lots of comic books lacking — worth significantly more than $1 million, he said.

Doyle says he’s creating an action to get Chiofalo’s case dismissed, as a result of the alleged misconduct by the Harris County DA in handling the resources and other facets of the case, including the arrest of Chiafalo’s wife, 51-year-old Susan Chiofalo, for alleged involvement in the theft. She’s out on bail, and her case is pending.

Meantime, Chiofalo stays in the Harris County jail, struggling to make the $18 million bail.
Blevins is going on bond.